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TIGER Initiative

Please read the Overview if you are not familiar with the vision and mission of the TIGER program or visit the website at


Staff Development & Continuing Education Collaborative 

The Staff Development & Continuing Education Collaborative Team was formed to identify innovative field-based educational programs that are preparing the nursing work force to better use technology and information systems to provide safer, more effective, more efficient, and patient-centered care.


Work Groups

Read more about the activities of the four work groups that have been formed. 


Work Group 1 - Collect case studies and examples of innovative, effective field-based education.


Work Group 2 - Review, inform and integrate work from the TIGER Competencies Collaborative into this Collaborative's programs.


Work Group 3 - Comprehensive literature review


Work Group 4 - Develop recommendations for industry/academic partnerships


Work Group 5 - Joint Staff Development/Leadership Work Group - a cross collaboration team to evaluate the impact of leadership development on staff development programs


Meet our Collaborative Leaders!


Draft Recommendations

Assignments by section:
1.  Access - Joan Kiel Tigeraccess.doc
2.  Attitudes - Competencies - Pat McCartney TIGER Staff Dev 3 literature Attitudes McCartney.doc
3.  Computer literacy - competencies - assigned to Diane Heine Computer Literacy-competencies.doc
4.  Information literacy - competencies - Josette Jones Information Literacy.doc
5.  Information management - competencies - Josette Jones Information Management.doc
6.  Evidence based practice (EBP) - Pat McCartney TIGER Staff Dev 3 literature EBP McCartney.doc
7.  Effectiveness/Evaluation - assigned to Lisa Rabideau SDLitReviewEval&Effective.doc
8.  Nursing informatics as a specialty - Ken Bowman  Tiger_NursingInformatics.doc
9.  Patient safety - Ken Bowman Tiger_PatientSafety.doc
10. Program delivery type - Liz Johnson Program Delivery Summary v2.doc
11. Workforce readiness - Liz Johnson  Workforce Readiness Summary v2.doc 


 Draft Summary Report


TIGER_Staff Development_Summary Report_single column.doc 

StaffDev_TIGER_Final Report.doc (format example)

Case studies